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Jewelry Wire
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Watch  Pliers   WigJig Super Pegs Beads & Beading Supplies
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Jewelry Tools
WigJig Jewelry Making Tools
WigJig Metal Pegs
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WigJig Super Pegs
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Beading Tools
Clean/Polish Supplies
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WigJig Jewelry Tools
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Findings & Related Supplies
Bead Caps
Bead Tips
Chain Tags
Clasp - Hook
Clasp - Filigree
Clasp - Lobster
Clasp - Magnetic
Clasp - Speciality
Clasp - Screw
Clasp - Spring
Clasp - Toggle
Crimps / Crimp Beads
Ear Clips Non-Piercing
Ear Clutches
Ear Drops
Eye Glass Holder
Ear Wire & Post
End Cap Beads
Eye Pins
French Wire
Head Pins
Jump Rings
Misc. Findings
Spacer Bars
Split Rings


View Information on: Jewelry Findings


Stringing Materials / Supplies
Gossamer - Opelon Thread
Illusion Cord
Nylon - Griffin Thread
Nylon - Nymo Thread
Nylon - Silamide Thread
Satin Rattail Cord
Silk Alike Thread
Silk - Griffin Thread
Soft Flex Wire .014 Dia.
Soft Flex Wire .019 Dia.
Soft Flex Wire .024 Dia.
Soft Touch Wire
Stretch Magic


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Griffin Thread Sizes


Chain Supplies
Base Metal Chain
Gold-Filled Chain
Sterling Silver Chain


Jewelry Books/Videos/CDs
Online WigJig Books
WigJig Books
Wire Working Books
Spool Knitting Books
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Jewelry Wire
See our selection of Jewelry Wire
WigJig Jewelry Making Toggle Clasp Finding and Jewelry Supplies WigJig Jewelry Making Watch and Jewelry Supplies  WigJig Jewelry Making Sterling Silver Chain and Jewelry Supplies Beads & Beading Supplies
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Jewelry Wire

Jewelry Wire

Jewelry Wire

Jewelry Making Wire

Jewelry Making Wire

Jewelry Making Wire

Wire for making jewelry

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Swarovski Crystal Beads

Cat's Eye Glass Beads

Dichroic Glass Beads

Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Swarovski Glass Crystal

Lampwork Glass

Swarovski Glass Crystal

Dichroic Glass

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