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I'm extremely impressed with your website.  There is so much valuable information and so many good products that I don't know how I've been doing without it!  Your my go-to source from hereon.
Wendy (June 2012)

Loved the You Tube video and the instructions are wonderful!
Dee (May 2012)

The WigJig Centaur is an incredible tool.  It is very easy to use and the designs are finished in the right size and look spectacular.  Also the Spiral Maker and Super Pegs are very useful complimentary tools.  Finally, the nylon jaw pliers permit me to work with straight wire obtaining even more perfect results.  I'm very satisfied with your products.  Now I can expand my designs, having an important advantage over other sellers.  Thank you very much for creating these amazing tools.
Marcelo (May 2012)

The videos are awesome!  Thanks.
Rachel (April 2012)

I thought that I would send you this e-mail as I am a beginner beader and because of WigJig, I now know how to do some wire work for my beading as well.  Thank you very much.  I am a South African.
Carol (April 2012)

I love your newsletters and your tools and supplies...I use your info to help me bend wire to add to my paintings.
Judy (April 2012) 

I've been dealing successfully with you for a lot of years...  thank you for doing such a great job!!!!!
Naomi (April 2012)

I'm a brand new customer of yours, but so far, my impression is that ... You ROCK!  I’ve been considering purchasing a jig of some sort for a while now, but I got a bit confused by the different brands, the square vs. round jigs, and even the different versions of jigs of the same brand/shape. But reading through your site gave me the confidence to finally make a selection.  Then tonight, I received links to 2 different complimentary “Wire Design Basics” online books that I’m sure will be invaluable to me as I start learning how to use the WigJig. Knowing your regular prices of the 2 online books, the pleasant surprise of getting them for free has convinced me that I not only bought the right brand of jig, but that I purchased it from the best source. Thank you for excellent customer service,
Christena (April 2012)

I love your products and have used the wigjig constantly.
Roslyn (March 2012)

Thank you for the great customer service.
Melissa (March 2012)

I love your is amazing.  I have enjoyed using my wigjig and making earrings and necklaces....
Donna (March 2012)

I love my Olympus Lite.
Becky (March 2012)

Thanks for the great newsletters.
Carole (February 2012)

Thank you for founding WigJig. As an engineer myself, as well as a jewelry maker, I appreciate the quality of the design and execution of your jigs. Working with them is a pleasure; I can concentrate on what I want to do instead of how to manage the tool.
Elizabeth (February 2012)

You are amazing.  So well done!  This is exactly what I needed.  I really appreciate your efforts and hope the very best for your company.  Will return often.
DD (February 2012)

I have disabilities that are drawing me closer to working with WigJig versus hand beading.  Your jewelry gives me hope and doesn't make me give up something I love -- which is WONDERFUL!
Bunny (February 2012)

Just a note on your web site, it's really great. I watched the video's which are detailed, easy to understand without a lot of extra words. A great site with all the items you'd ever need!!! . In checking out jigs your beat all others in my comparisons . One thing which your seems to have the advantage on is that the pegs fit firmly and others (Our competitors jigs) don't.
Bill (February 2012)

Wonderful!  I am a semi-beginner at jewelry making (did it in High School which was 45 years ago).  I really appreciate the access to instructional resources.
Betty (February 2012)

I really love your website!
Donna (February 2012)

One of the things I appreciate so much about your company is the personal customer service.  I've found you and amazing company to deal with .... Thank you so much.
Naomi (January 2012)

Dear Sir/Madam,  I am Marjan Haji Rahimi, a jobless girl in Iran.  I live in a small city in the south of Iran.  I would like to thank you so much for teaching free jewelry making.  It made me happy to find a job.
Marjan (January 2012)

I love your website.  It's so nice that you offer the designs for free.  They are gorgeous and the directions are so easy to follow.  I made a bracelet using your wire wrapped chain instructions and I love it.  It's exactly the type of jewelry I wanted to make on my own.
Liz (December 2011)

The most well-designed, expensive product will yield mediocre results if one does not know how to use the product correctly.  Your company goes way beyond other companies in supplying the needed education to use your tools.  You are very generous.  You have a very satisfied customer.
Marilyn (October 2011)

I recently purchased a WigJig and love it!
Rose (October 2011)

I'm so excited to fill the rest of my tool arsenal with WigJig tools.  Thanks so much for your help and your wonderful products!!!!
Leah (October 2011)

I love my WigJig and had a blast playing with it last night.  I made two components to make earrings with and can't wait to finish them this evening.  What a great tool!  I am equally satisfied with the rest of my order as well.  I'm so glad I saw WigJig in my latest Bead Style magazine, it made me check you out on the Internet and after watching your "how to" videos, they inspired me to order my first WigJig -- I'm hooked now!  My earrings have gone in a whole new direction.  Thanks WigJig.
Pat (October 2011)

I love your website, so easy to use!  and WHAT SERVICE!  Thanks.
Susan (September 2011)

I just want to thank you for your great customer service.
Carrie (September 2011)

I really want to thank you.  I received the items and I am really happy... I can not stop making jewelry.  I really love the chandelier earrings (my daughter "steal" the first and second pairs I made and now she wants one pair of each color!!)  You can not imagine how happy I am and enjoy my wire designing!!  My head is full with ideas...and 24 hours is not enough for a day.
Nathalie (August 2011)  [editorial note.  Nathalie is French and therefore English is not her first language.  In spite of that, we feel she more than adequately conveyed her message.]

Received the Centaur today.  I am most impressed with the quality also the intrinsic strength.  Well done, quality always tells.
Derek (August 2011)

Many thanks for your prompt reply and the helpful comments to my enquiries.
Derek (August 2011)

Your customer service is tops.
Don (August 2011)

Your company is always so efficient and fast.  I love the product and that's why I keep coming back.  I never hesitate to recommend you to others who are looking in purchasing wire and related products. 
Teresa (August 2011)

I save every newsletter I get from you and review them often as I make jewelry.  The ideas are wonderful and I appreciate the modifications you include.  I thank you very much for what you do and the outstanding service you provide.
Cindy (August 2011)

Thank you all for being yourselves.  You brighten my day.
Sally (July 2011)

Thank you for your wonderful little inventions and very informative web site.
Ginger (July 2011)

Your products make amazing pieces of jewelry possible.  You have an excellent website.  Blessings.
Diana (July 2011)

I am a jewellery designer based in Colchester, England and it is sometimes quite difficult to source the tools and equipment commonly available in the USA.  The jigs you have invented are definitely the very best I have ever used, hence my repeat order.  I am always amazed at the inspiring designs, projects and pictures displayed on your web site and on the University pages.  It is so very generous of you to provide such a lot of detailed tutorials on-line to the crafting community free of charge ..... much appreciated.
Lisa-Dawn (July 2011)

You are great to do business with and your site is super interesting.  I am a fan.
Judy (June 2011)

I love your site and your prices.  I will be back to buy more!
Anne Marie (June 2011)

WigJig has helped me make a lot of jewelry.  Thank you.
Gloria (June 2011)

I have your WigJig and love it.
Pam (June 2011)

Your website is great!  One of the most informative and user friendly I have run across.  I spent the last several hours perusing your WigJig University and links back to your store.
Frances (May 2011)

The WigJig, and the WigJig University, has revolutionised my jewellery making -- Thank you for all the work and thought which went into both. 
Philip (May 2011)

You have a great website and wonderful designs!  Thank you.
Carol (May 2011)

I love your WigJig, would be lost without it.
Nancy (April 2011)

Your web site is amazing!
Sowmya (April 2011)

I have been experimenting with the jig and love it.
Cynthia (April 2011)

I have the WigJig Olympus with Super Pegs and love it!!  I use it for all my hoop earrings.
Beth (April 2011)

Your online information is fabulous.  I'm now hooked on making wire jewelry.
Jane (April 2011)

Thank you for having such excellent supplies and for inventing the WigJig! 
Lisa (March 2011)

First of all, I want to say that it is my pleasure working with you.  I like your web-site a lot and I think your prices are fair.  This is my third order with you and I'm sure it won't be my last.
Esra (March 2011)

I love your products and now I know that your service is excellent too.  I very much appreciate it.
Sue (March 2011)

I just love the WigJig, and I tell everyone that there is no other jig that works like yours does.  I show them my Olympus -- that was the only one you had when I got it -- and it still works like a charm.  The pegs don't fall out or twist, and I always kept it in the bag it came in, so it looks brand new.  I have all the rest of them now, because they are a little addictive!  I am sure that you know that yours is the best, but I wanted to tell you anyway.  Thanks.
Royelle (March 2011)

Exceptional service!!!! Thanks again!!!
Lee (March 2011)

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your products even though I do not currently own any (yet!). I am trying to start a home-based jewelry business while recovering from a kidney and pancreas transplant and due to finances (both from the transplant and from starting a business), I made the mistake of purchasing the Thingamajig brand wire jig. Yuck! All I have to say is it is a piece of trash. The pegs don't stay still, let alone even in the thing, and the entire contraption slips and slides all over the place. I was recently able to play with one of yours and I am in love! I want you to know I plan to get your Olympus as soon as I can afford it. I'm even drooling over the super pegs, square pegs and spiral maker which the "other" brand doesn't even offer.
Janet (March 2011)

I received my complete WigJig order and I am very pleased with everything.  I made my first set of earrings on Friday with a double diamond and spiral and they look beautiful.  I am so happy to have a new avenue to pursue in making jewelry.  I feel like a Grandma Moses and I just bet she felt like me and wished she would have started doing this at a younger age.
Sheryle (February 2011)

Customer service like that is, simply, extraordinary in our prevailing business environment and I am deeply appreciative of it.  You may be certain that you have earned a loyal customer.
Doug (February 2011)

I have been enjoying your site and can not wait to try a few free designs that I downloaded.  Thank you so much.
Barbara (January 2011)

Thank you:  order received, very satisfied, very pleased with the quality of the Centaur and all accessories.  Really like the designs and WigJig University, as well as online books that help me improve skills.  I try something new every day!
Joy (January 2011)

Thank you for your beautiful products and especially the great instructions.  You guys are great. 
Maryl (January 2011)

We are really getting hooked on the wig jig and all that your web site offers.  We are becoming jewelry making fanatics!  We love the wig jig, so I'm sure there will be more to purchase in the future. 
Sheila (January 2011)

I'm changing from the all-metal %@*!-#@-jig (name changed to protect the innocent) to the aircraft plastic wig jig for a couple of reasons: 1. the pegs wobble too much in the metal jig indicating too much clearance. As a machinist, I suspect too tight a fit would cause problems with metal-to-metal contact, binding, possibly seizing. 2. the pegs kept jumping out of their holes in the metal jig when I tried to reposition the wire. Infuriating! Nothing like changing loop size with the wobble then pattern with the pegs coming out. The wire itself pulls them out of their holes, while rubbing on the pegs during removal of the wire. 3. the square metal jig also has only horizontal and vertical rows of holes, and I want to try using a radius occasionally, making the Centaur the seemingly perfect choice. 
David (January 2011) 

I'm a long time fan of WigJig (and Boomer!) and love your many designs and tips! 
Lee (January 2011)

I am really enjoying my Centaur WigJig and the enhanced creativity it's brought me!
Joy (January 2011)

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