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WigJig Inventory Reduction Sale:  This month, we are continuing our Inventory Reduction Sale for 2011.  We have increased the discounts on several items and have added over 30 new items to this sale.  This sale runs through the end of August.  Discounts in the sale will run from 20% for new items up to 40 to 60% for items that we intend to discontinue.  Some items will only be on sale for one month, some items will be on sale until we sell out of that item.  This month we are discounting many silver and gold-filled findings significantly.

WigJig Design Contest:   March was our last month of our WigJig Design Contest.  Unfortunately, we missed a two entries to the contest.  We apologize to both entrants.  This was a case of e-mail being an imperfect communications tool.  It seems that the e-mail entries from both ended up in our SPAM folder and for that reason, they missed the contest.  Both entries were very good and deserved to be considered in our contest.  In particular, Shana Lehrmann put a lot of effort into providing excellent instructions on how she made her designs and excellent pictures of the finished jewelry pieces.   Here are two small pictures of both submissions.
Philip Wagner Shana Lehrmann

You can view more and larger pictures of these designs by selecting here.  Please visit this web page for a link to Shana's instructions on how she made her designs. 

Pearl Jewelry Making Gemstone Birthstone for June:  The birthstone for June is the pearl.  For more information on pearls, please select here.  The largest natural pearl ever found came from the Philippines and was found in 1934.  The pearl weighed 14 pounds and was originally owned by a Palawan chieftain.  The chieftain gave the pearl to Wilburn Cobb in 1936 because Cobb saved the chieftains son from Malaria.  This pearl is called the Pearl of Lao-Tzu and has a rather sordid history.  This pearl is also called the Pearl of Allah.  This pearl is not gem quality and is a "clam pearl" having been formed by a giant clam.  Clam pearls do not have the luster that is found in pearls created by oysters or mussels.  The Pearl of Lao-Tzu is rumored to have a history going back more than 2,500 years and has been valued at $3.5 million.  Please select here to view the story of the Pearl of Lao-Tzu.  The history of the Peal of Lao-Tzu reads like a 1930's episode of Charlie Chan or the Phantom.  If you haven't read this story, it is worth the time. 

This month we have placed all of our Swarovski 1/2 Drilled Pearls on sale at significant discounts.  We have also discounted the post with cup finding for setting the 1/2 Drilled Pearls.  Our free instructions for setting these 1/2 drilled pearl beads can be found here.

On Sale:
We update the jewelry supplies that we have "On Sale" with every newsletter.  A small sample of the products we have for sale at discounted prices are shown below.  Please click on any of the links below the pictures to view our entire list of sale items.  Select the picture itself to view that specific item in our Internet Store.  This sale will be effective through July 1st, 2011 or until we run out of that item. 

6mm 1/2 Drilled Pearl Cream Rose Beads
Swarovski 6mm 1/2 Drilled Cream Rose Pearl Beads
$1.18 per pair of beads.

6mm Swarovski White Pearl Beads
6mm Swarovski 1/2 Drilled White Pearl Beads
Sale Priced $1.18 per pair of beads

6mm Swarovski Light Grey Pearl Beads
6mm 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Light Grey Pearl Beads
Sale Priced $1.18 per pair of beads

6mm Swarovski White Pearl Beads
8mm 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Light Grey Pearl  Beads
Sale Priced $1.32 per pair of beads

6mm 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Pearl Gold Beads
6mm 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Gold Pearl Beads
Sale Priced $1.18 per pair of beads.

6mm 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Black Pearl Beads
6mm 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Black Pearl Beads
Sale Priced $1.01 per pair of beads 

6mm Swarovski Rose Pearl Beads
6mm 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Rose Pearl Beads
Sale Priced $1.18 per pair of beads

WigJig Fine Step Jaw Pliers Jewelry Making Tool

WigJig Fine Step Jaw Pliers
Sale Priced $10.36 each

8mm Gold-Filled Earring Post with Cup for 1/2 Drilled Beads
6mm 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Rose Pearl Beads
Sale Priced $1.46 per pair

Sterling Silver Earring Post with Cup for Mounting Pearls Jewelry Making Finding Gold-Filled 6mm Post with Cup for 1/2 Drilled Beads
Sterling Silver Earring Cup with Post
Sale Priced $0.83 per pair 
6mm Ear Post for 1/2 Drilled Beads
Sale Priced $1.25 per Pair

WigJig Metal Hemostat Jewelry Making Tools
WigJig Hemostat
Sale Priced $5.31 each

20 Gauge Non-Tarnish Silver Jewelry Wire

20G Non-Tarnish Silver, Silver-Plated Wire
$3.92 for a 18' Spool
(This wire resists tarnish.)


Triplex Jewelry Wire Bracelet Jewelry Making DesignFree Jewelry Design:  Our new jewelry making project for this newsletter is a modification to our Deluxe Duplex Bracelet.  The finished bracelet can be viewed above.  This bracelet uses a "Triplex" wire component shown larger than life at right.  This design was made on our WigJig Olympus or Olympus Lite. 

We provide a template for printing the hole pattern for this bracelet both using the WigJig Olympus here, and for using the WigJig Centaur here.  For those of you who are curious about how to translate a pattern from the WigJig Olympus to the WigJig Centaur or Delphi, we suggest that you view both templates.  The size of the wire component made on each will be very close to identical.  When using the WigJig Centaur, we do recommend using two packages of Crossover Pegs (Item 4028) so that the size of the regular metal pegs will also be identical. 

Please view the pictures below to view the peg pattern, the clasp component in close-up and the catch component in close-up. 

Peg Pattern for Triplex Bracelet Jewelry Making Project Clasp Component for Triplex Bracelet Jewelry Making Project Catch Component for Triplex Bracelet Jewelry Making Project
Triplex Peg Pattern Clasp Component Catch Component

Please select here, or select either picture above, to view our detailed, free instructions for making the Triplex Jewelry Wire Bracelet. 

Past Techniques:
We maintain a techniques web page that provides links to the discussion of techniques in our prior newsletters.  You can visit this web page here.  Follow the links on that page to the discussion of the technique in that newsletter. 

Jewelry Technique:
This month's jewelry making technique is instructions for making a new style of ear wire finding that we call the Simple Jewelry Wire Ear Wire Finding.  You can view this ear wire below-left and you can view one sample of an earring made using this Simple Jewelry Wire Ear Wire finding below-right. 

Simple Ear Wire Finding Jewelry Making Instructions Finished Earrings Using the Simple Jewelry Wire Ear Wire Jewelry Making Finding
Simple Jewelry Wire Ear Wire Sample Finished Earring

This ear wire finding can be made on any WigJig and uses one regular peg and one 1/2" Super Peg.  This design is a modification of our Simple Ear Wire design.  We made this modification because we always believe that if you are going to make your own ear wire findings, you should do it in a manner that lets people know that you made the finding.  Since, using our WigJig tools, we can make ear wires that look almost identical to machine made ear wires, we wanted a way to differentiate this ear wire from a machine made ear wires.  The way we differentiate these ear wires is be adding a 2mm to 4mm bead.  Whenever possible, we like to add a 4mm crystal bead in colors that match the beads in your earring body. For many reasons, machine made ear wires can't be made with beads to match the beads in your earring body, for that reason, this ear wire stands out as hand made by the same person who made the earring body. 

Please select here, or select any picture above, to view our free instructions for making the Simple Jewelry Wire Ear Wire Finding. 

Wrapped Chain Jewelry Wire Bracelet Jewelry Making ProjectNostalgia Corner:

Our Nostalgia Corner project for this newsletter is our Wrapped Chain Bracelet shown at right.  We like this bracelet because we like all projects where one can make jewelry components that are strong and permanent and don't require soldering.  Making jewelry chain is usually done by a machine that solders each link of the chain.  Our Wrapped Chain jewelry making project uses wire wrapping to make a chain that is very strong and permanent.   Please select here or select the picture at right to view our instructions on how to make this Wrapped Link Bracelet.

Warning! Joke Follows.  
This is only a joke.  We tell jokes because we are in favor of smiling, laughing and being happy.  This does not mean that we are opposed to anyone or anything. 

If you have ever in your entire life been offended by any joke  -- please skip the below paragraphs.  It is not our intention to offend anyone!  We don't write these jokes, we only re-tell jokes that we have heard on the public radio, television or over the Internet. 

Boomer Humor: 

Philip was an inventor and loved all types of new inventions.  One night he brings home a small robot, slightly larger than a toy.  Philip tells his wife, Suzanne, and son, Peter, at the dinner table, that the robot is a lie detector and will punish anyone who tells a lie in the presence of the robot. 

Later during dinner, the wife asks the son, "Peter, you were 3 hours later than normal getting home from school tonight.  Where were you?" 

The son replies "Mom, I went to the library to study with some friends." 

With that comment, the robot starts to hum and moves over behind the son.  Slowly a robotic arm is raised up and shocks the son with something similar to a taser. 

The mother says "Son, don't lie to us, tell us where you were this afternoon."

The son replies "Mom, some friends and I went to see a movie on Sister Teresa." 

The robot starts to hum, and a robotic arm raises up and shocks the son again. 

The mother responds "Son, what was the movie you saw?"

The son looks at the robot and responds, "Mom, I saw 'Sin City Sisters' and it is X rated."  The robot did not make a sound.

By this point Philip, the father is concerned that his son has tried to deceive him.  He says "Peter, when I was your age, I never tried to lie to my parents." 

With this comment the robot starts to hum, raises a robot arm, and shocks Philip, the father. 

At this the wife, Suzanne is laughing almost out of control and says "Philip, did you ever deserve that, but you can't be too angry with Peter, after all he is your son."

With that, the robot starts to hum, raises it's arm and shocks Suzanne. 

Boomer Philosophy: 

If you have ever in your entire life been offended by any political philosophy  -- please skip the below paragraphs.  It is not our intention to offend anyone! 

After our last newsletter, we received 8 e-mails providing feedback from our WigJig Newsletter subscribers.  Seven of the eight were very positive and complimentary.  One of the eight simply informed us that she had removed her name from our mailing list because she couldn't accept our Boomer Philosophy.  The first thing that we did after receiving that negative e-mail was to check to see if that lady had ever been a customer of ours.  She wasn't.  Since it actually costs us a small amount of money to send our newsletter to every subscriber, we were glad that she elected to discontinue receiving the newsletter.  We didn't lose a customer and actually saved a small amount of money in our future newsletters. 

Let's spend a paragraph here in explaining why it is that we include Boomer Philosophy in our newsletters.  Simply put, we try to address issues where our business is impacted or has been impacted or issues where our personal experiences provided us some insight that isn't available to all citizens.  Having moved out of Maryland because of the state's Millionaire's Tax (which hits many non-millionaires like us) and moved to Texas, a state with no income tax, we feel that we have some personal experiences that might be relatively unique on the topic of taxing the rich.  Being impacted as a business by anything that would cause crude oil prices to go up, we feel that this topic is a topic that directly impacts our business.  While we have strong opinions on race relations, gay rights, and many other topics, we won't address those issues in our newsletter because these topics don't impact our business and our experiences aren't much different from any other persons experiences.  Please understand that we do limit the topics we address in our Boomer Philosophy.  We aren't trying to replace Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Moore or Mark Levine.  We are trying to comment where we feel we have a responsibility and a duty to comment -- on items that directly impact us either as a business or as a family.  Our opinion is that if we avoid our duty by not commenting on issues that impact us, we would be doing the public a disservice as well as a disservice to ourselves. 

Now let's talk briefly about the price of gasoline.  Many politicians have indicated that they were concerned over the high price of gas.  It seems that since President Obama took office the price of gas has more than doubled.  In response to this issue, some politicians have indicated that to control the increase in the gasoline price they were suggesting that the federal government remove the subsidies for oil exploration in America.  Okay, lets think about this.  The price of gas is too high and these politicians are going to resolve the problem by making it more expensive for US companies to obtain oil and manufacture gasoline.  Who is that dumb?  The price is too high so we are going to create government regulations to make it more costly to provide gas.  If anyone believes that increasing the price to provide gas is going to cause the price of gas to go down, they are a fool.  The truth is that when President Obama came into office he indicated that gas would need to increase to $5.00 per gallon.  The reason for this has nothing to do with the price of gas and everything to do with the environmental movement.  The same people who brought you the global warming fraud, want energy prices to increase, because then, and only then, do current technology green energy solutions make economic sense.  The environmental movement clearly wants the price of gas to remain high or increase.  High prices lead to lower consumption.  Businesses who use raw materials manufactured from oil (like the plastics we use to make our jigs) want the price of oil to stay economical. 

Let's spend one paragraph discussing what the "subsidies" are for oil exploration that might get cancelled.  Currently, if an oil company spends say $1,000,000 this year in searching for oil, they get to deduct $1,000,000 from this years income taxes as a business expense.  This is called accelerated depreciation.  For a normal business, in a normal year, if you spend $1,000,000 to purchase hardware to run your business, you get to deduct $25,000 in this year's taxes and the remainder of the $1million is on a depreciation schedule spread out over the anticipated life of the hardware.  (For an oil well that could be 30 to 50 years.)  Eventually, that business would get to deduct the full $1,000,000, but it would not happen in the same year that the expense was incurred.  Politicians call accelerated depreciation a subsidy.  To others it is just an example of government encouraging businesses to succeed.  Businesses need to invest to stay in business.  Government regulations frequently discourage that investment.  Is that what we really want from our government?

Texas Sunsets:

The following sunset pictures were taken on the dates indicated.  For those interested in astronomy, you can notice from the position of the cell tower that the sun sets further to the right of the tower (North) as the days pass.  This will continue until the Summer Solstice.  This year the Summer Solstice will happen on June 21st at 5:16PM (Greenwich time).  After that date, for the following six months, the sunset will set to the left (South) with each succeeding day.  (The camera used to take these pictures has a lens that does not allow zooming.  The scale for each picture is identical.)   

May 4, 2011

Sunset in Texas 1

May 12, 2011

Sunset in Texas May 12th

May 17, 2011

Sunset in Texas May 17th

Online Books.  If you are looking for new and interesting jewelry projects -- try one of our Online Books.  Our most detailed instructions are for sale online.  Please select here to view our selection of online books.  These books are delivered over the Internet and there are no shipping costs on an order with just online books. 

Shipping Policy.  We waive the shipping charge on orders over $60 shipped within the US (as long as these orders remain over $60).  For International orders we ship via Global Priority Mail and charge $5 over the US Mail charge for this shipping service.  Please select here to view our entire shipping policy.

WigJig University.  We provide over 3,000 web pages of free information, tips, techniques and free jewelry making designs in WigJig University.  We encourage everyone to view this information as a source for new ideas, projects, or a way to learn new techniques.  We now have a page in WigJig University that shows our designs sorted by the WigJig tool used to make them.  Please select here to view that information. 

International Vendors.  We do have vendors who sell our WigJig products outside the US.  We encourage customers to contact these vendors in their home country.  Please select here to view our list of overseas vendors.  We are also happy to sell our WigJig tools to stores.  Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in selling our WigJig tools. 

Classes.  We have a listing of various jewelry making classes using our WigJig tools that are offered by bead stores throughout the country.  If you are interested in classes, please select here.  If you know someone who has classes in using our WigJig tools, please ask them to send us an e-mail at so that we can include them in these pages. 

We are continuing to improve our newsletter, so please feel free to provide feedback at

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