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SpokesDog Boomer for Beads, Jewelry Tools and Jewelry Making Supplies by WigJig Web SiteWigJig News -- AKA Boomer Sez:

Our Spokesdog:  If an insurance company can have a gecko, we have decided that we can have a spokesdog.  Boomer, shown at right, is our spokesdog.  If you select Boomer's picture, you will be able to view Boomer at his work. 

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Think Pink Bracelet & EarringsWigJig Design Contest:   During the next two months, we are going to hold a design contest.  Anyone who would like to submit a design for consideration is welcome.  The project submitted must be made out of wire and/or beads using one of our WigJig tools.  It should be your original work.  Please select only projects that you are willing to allow us to publish in our newsletter.  We will select monthly winners and after three months we will select an Grand Prize Winner in April 2011.  All the winners designs will be published in our WigJig newsletter along with instructions on how to make the winning design.  Winning designs will be selected based upon originality, and artistic content.  We are seeking designs that are entirely new, or show a new way of employing components from our web site.  Preference will be given to designs that are suitable for advanced beginners to intermediate wire workers.  Designs that are so advanced that we could not describe how to make them in fewer than ten pages, will be considered, but designs that are easy to document will be given preference in the judging.  Designs that use materials that are readily available will be given preference.  The materials do not need to be purchased from our WigJig store, but need to be available for purchase at some Internet store. 

 Monthly winners will receive a $100 credit in our WigJig store.  The grand prize winner will be selected from the three monthly prize winners and will receive an additional $200 credit in our WigJig store. 

To submit a jewelry design for consideration in this contest, you will need to send us an e-mail including your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and one or more pictures of your jewelry design.  Please send your e-mails to  Please use "WigJig Design Contest" as the subject line in your e-mail. 

For January, our winner of the WigJig Design Contest is Joy Jones.  You can view a larger view of Joy's bracelet and earrings design below.  The bracelet design is a different use of a wire component that we documented in our online book "Wire Design Basics", and in "Wonderful, Wearable Wire" We also document how to make this wire component in WigJig University here.  The earrings are a modification to our Queen of Clubs earrings design.  You can view our instructions for that design here.

We want to thank Joy for submitting this design. 

Facebook:  Starting with this newsletter we will provide two ways for our readers to share portions of our newsletter with their Facebook friends.  At the top of the newsletter, in the line that includes Google Translate, and a link to Sign up to receive this newsletter, we will provide a Facebook "Like" link that will allow you to add this newsletter to your Facebook page.  We will also provide a link on our new jewelry making design for that newsletter to "Share" that design with your Facebook friends.  For our readers with Facebook friends, please use our "Like" and "Share" buttons.  You can also view these two links below.

Amethyst Jewelry Making GemstoneNatural Amethyst Jewelry Making Gemstone AAA GradeBirthstone for February:  The birthstone for February is the amethyst.  Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz (Silicon Dioxide) and as such has a hardness of 7.  Amethyst as an element in jewelry was known since antiquity and was very popular among the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.  The name amethyst comes from a Greek word meaning "not drunken".  This name was devised because the ancient Greeks believed that drinking from an amethyst cup could prevent intoxication.  (Boomer sez don't try this at home.  It doesn't work.)  While amethyst was traditionally included among the "cardinal", or most valuable gemstones (including diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald), amethyst has recently declined in price/value due to the discovery of extensive deposits of the gemstone. 

There is some diversity of opinion on the chemical source of the purple color in amethyst.  Interesting enough, upon exposure to heat, amethyst becomes yellow.  In fact, citrine, a yellow variety of quartz, is sometimes called "burnt amethyst".      Please select here to view more information on amethyst gemstones.  We sell mined amethyst, man-made amethyst and amethyst colored Cubic Zirconia.  Please select either picture above to view our selection of Amethyst gemstones. 

New Products:  Since our last newsletter we have added several new Precosia glass crystal beads to our inventory.  Precosia is one of the leading bead manufacturers in the Czech Republic.  These beads are a high quality alternative to Swarovski, Austrian crystal beads at a slightly lower price.  Please see the table below to view our new selection of Precosia beads.  Our initial purchase of Precosia beads is limited to crystal AB beads only.  Please select any picture below to view that item in our Internet store. 

Item 3506
10.5x7mm Oval
Item 3507
9x6mm Oval
Item 3508
10mm Round
Item 3509
Item 3510
Precosia Beads Oval Oval Precosia Beads Round Precosia Beads Teardrop Precosia Beads 13.5x9mm Precosia Teardrop Beads 12x8mm
Item 3511
Item 3512
Item 3513
4mm Bicone
Item 3514
6mm Bicone
Item 3515
8mm Bicone
Teardrop 10.5x7mm Precosia Beads Precosia Teardrop Beads 9x6mm
On Sale:
We update the jewelry supplies that we have "On Sale" with every newsletter.  A small sample of the products we have for sale at discounted prices are shown below.  Please click on any of the links below the pictures to view our entire list of sale items.  Select the picture itself to view that specific item in our Internet Store.  This sale will be effective through March 1st, 2011 or until we run out of that item. 

Swarovski Round Rose 4mm Faceted Beads
Swarovski 4mm Round Rose Beads
$2.55 per package of 12 beads.

4mm Round Swarovski  Black AB Beads
4mm Round Swarovski Jet AB Beads
Sale Priced $3.03 per Package of 12 beads

 SS 2x4mm Crimp Beads Jewelry Making Finding

Crimp Bead Tubes 2x2mm Findings
$2.71 per package of approximately 36

WigJig Flush Cutter Ultra Jewelry Making Tool

WigJig Flush Cutter Ultra
Sale Priced $15.19 each

Small Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp Jewelry Making Finding
Small SS Toggle Clasp
Sale Priced $3.27
Rounded Silver Plated Magnetic Clasp Jewelry Making Finding Small Lobster Clasp Jewelry Making Finding
Rounded Silver-plated Magnetic Clasp
Sale Priced $1.35 per package of 2. 
Small (9mm) SS Lobster Clasp Jewelry Finding
Sale Priced $3.43 per package of five

Sterling Silver Curb Chain Fine
Fine Sterling Silver Curb Chain 24 Inches
Sale Priced $3.43 each (No Clasp!)
(The smaller of the two chains shown above.)

20 Gauge Non-Tarnish Silver Jewelry Wire

18G Non-Tarnish Silver, Silver-Plated Wire
$3.92 for a 12' Spool
(This wire resists tarnish.)


Double 8 Jewelry Wire Earrings Jewelry Making DesignFree Jewelry Design:  Our new jewelry making project for this newsletter is an earring design to go along with our Double 8s bracelet from last month.  You can view this earring design at right.  This earring design uses a new connector at the top and a "V" shaped component at the bottom along with three double 8 wire components as links.  Below the "V" shaped component at the bottom we hang three teardrop shaped beads.  In the earring at right, we used our new Precosia beads, item 3512, for our bead dangles at the bottom of the earrings.  Peg Pattern for Making Double 8's Jewelry Wire Earrings

You can view our pattern for making the new top and "V" shaped bottom wire components for these earrings at left.  For the earrings shown we used 18 gauge wire for the double 8's wire components and the top and bottom component.  We used 20 gauge wire to make the figure 8 connectors that connect the tiers of wire components. 

Based upon the feedback we have received so far, we believe that this earring design will be very popular. 

Please select here, or select either picture above, to view our free instructions for making the Double 8's Jewelry Wire Earrings. 

Past Techniques:
We maintain a techniques web page that provides links to the discussion of techniques in our prior newsletters.  You can visit this web page here.  Follow the links on that page to the discussion of the technique in that newsletter. 

Jewelry Technique:
This month's jewelry making technique is several new designs for an ear wire that we call the Omega Ear Wire Finding because it resembles the Greek letter Omega.  We have a few alternative designs for this ear wire and you can view them below. 

Omega Ear Wire Finding Made with 20 Gauge Jewelry WireOmega Ear Wire Finding Jewelry Making Project Interchangeable Alternative to Omega Ear Wire Jewelry Making Project Side View of Interchangeable Alternative to Omega Ear Wire Finding Jewelry Making Project Thin Alternative to Omega Ear Wire Finding Jewelry Making Design

This is a beginner's jewelry making project and uses any WigJig jewelry making jig along with three Super Pegs for that jig.  Like all ear wire projects, this ear wire uses 20 or 21 gauge wire. 

The ear wires shown in the center two pictures above have the interchangeable feature.  You can remove your bead dangle and replace it with a different one.  This makes this design very versatile.

The alternative shown far right above is configured so that it will stay on even when using lighter beads.  This makes this particular design a good choice for people who are susceptible to losing their earrings. 

Please select here, or select any picture above, to view our free instructions for making the Omega Jewelry Wire Ear Wire Finding. 

Nostalgia Corner:

2 Tier Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectOur Nostalgia Corner project for this newsletter is our 2-Tiered Chandelier Earrings shown at right.  We chose this earring design because they are large earrings similar to our Double 8's earrings in this months new jewelry project.  If you like the larger chandelier style earrings, both the Double 8's Earring and these 2-Tiered Chandelier Earrings will be worth making.  Both designs are advanced beginner's projects and are relatively easy to make.    Please select here or select the picture at right to view our instructions on how to make the 2-Tier Chandelier Earrings.

Warning! Joke Follows.  
This is only a joke.  We tell jokes because we are in favor of smiling, laughing and being happy.  This does not mean that we are opposed to anyone or anything. 

If you have ever in your entire life been offended by any joke  -- please skip the below paragraphs.  It is not our intention to offend anyone!  We don't write these jokes, we only re-tell jokes that we have heard on the public radio, television or over the Internet. 

Boomer Humor: 

A biker is riding on his Harley when suddenly the sky got dark and a booming voice said to the biker, PULL OVER.  The biker pulls his bike to the side of the road and discovers that God is talking to him.  God says to the biker "You have been faithful to me in all ways and in spite of many temptations you have lived a pious life.  Because of this I will grant you one wish." 

The biker thinks on this for a while and finally says "God, I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, but because I am afraid of flying, I can't get there.  Would you build a bridge from North America to Hawaii so that I could ride my bike over to Hawaii?"

God responds "Your wish is within my means, but would use a tremendous amount of the earth's precious resources.  The amount of steel and concrete required would place a tremendous burden on the construction industry throughout the world for many years.  That would be unfair to many people across the globe.  Would you consider another wish instead?" 

The biker thinks for several minutes and finally responds "God, I have always wanted to understand women.  Why they like some men and not others.  Why they cry when they are happy?  I would like to understand why they say 'nothing is wrong' when they are obviously angry.  Could you grant me this knowledge about why women respond the way they do?" 

God ponders this and responds "How many lanes do you want on that bridge?"

Boomer Philosophy: 

Let's discuss why solar energy isn't the answer to our energy requirements at this time. 

After moving to Texas we priced a solar power solution for our home in Texas.  The local electrical company where we live, CPS, is willing to pay 50% of the price of a solar power addition to any home in our service area, for an addition costing up to $60,000.  The Federal Government will also provide a 30% tax credit for the amount of the purchase of a solar power system not covered by CPS.  What this means is that where we live, if you add solar power to your home, other people will pay $39,000 out of the $60,000 cost of a system.  For our home, $60,000 would pay for a system that will cover 70% of our electrical bill annually.  What this means in that for a payment of $21,000 on our part, we could cover 70% of our electrical bill.  This starts to sound like a reasonable investment.  Unfortunately, $21,000 represents 70% of our electrical bill for about 11 years.  Also unfortunately, the equipment installed has an anticipated service life of 10 years before parts of it would need to be replaced.  Given that our local electrical company and the federal government would pay 65% of the installation costs for a solar power system in our home, it would seem that solar power would make great economic sense.  Wrong kilowatt breath!  What installing solar power in our home would mean is that we would have to prepay our electrical bill for 11 years and at the end of that period, we would have a solar power system that had passed it's service life and had to be replaced with new equipment.  Even with 65% total subsidies, our cost for electricity would go up with a solar power system.  Given the current price of electricity, solar power just does not make economic sense even with 65% subsidies.  The only way that solar power starts to make sense is if the price of electricity doubles or if the costs for solar power systems is reduced in half. 

Online Books.  If you are looking for new and interesting jewelry projects -- try one of our Online Books.  Our most detailed instructions are for sale online.  Please select here to view our selection of online books.  These books are delivered over the Internet and there are no shipping costs on an order with just online books. 

Shipping Policy.  We waive the shipping charge on orders over $60 shipped within the US (as long as these orders remain over $60).  For International orders we ship via Global Priority Mail and charge $5 over the US Mail charge for this shipping service.  Please select here to view our entire shipping policy.

WigJig University.  We provide over 3,000 web pages of free information, tips, techniques and free jewelry making designs in WigJig University.  We encourage everyone to view this information as a source for new ideas, projects, or a way to learn new techniques.  We now have a page in WigJig University that shows our designs sorted by the WigJig tool used to make them.  Please select here to view that information. 

International Vendors.  We do have vendors who sell our WigJig products outside the US.  We encourage customers to contact these vendors in their home country.  Please select here to view our list of overseas vendors.  We are also happy to sell our WigJig tools to stores.  Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in selling our WigJig tools. 

Classes.  We have a listing of various jewelry making classes using our WigJig tools that are offered by bead stores throughout the country.  If you are interested in classes, please select here.  If you know someone who has classes in using our WigJig tools, please ask them to send us an e-mail at so that we can include them in these pages. 

We are continuing to improve our newsletter, so please feel free to provide feedback at

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