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Alternative Configuration:

In the necklace at right, I added another decorative element to the necklace.  I added a link that we call a "Flemish Spiral" to the necklace chain after the second commercial chain segment on each side.  This component is shown below by itself and in the row below that close up as it was incorporated in the design. 

Flemish Spiral accessory to Spiral-Diamond Beaded Necklace Jewelry Making Project
Flemish Spiral

Spiral Diamond and Pearl Beads Necklace jewelry making project with Flemish Spiral accessory.

Spiral Diamond Necklace jewelry making project with flemish spiral

Flemish Spiral jewelry shown with pearl beads

Detailed instructions for making this Flemish Spiral link can be found here.  These instructions show how to make a full size Flemish Spiral.  For this necklace, I modified the size of the Flemish Spiral to 1/2 size, using the peg pattern shown at right on the WigJig Delphi.  This pattern will also work on the WigJig Olympus or Olympus-Lite.  Please note that the pattern is orientated on the diagonal. 

This component is connected into the necklace chain the same way as a link of commercial chain would be connected.  This is also the same way the Spiral-Diamond component was connected. 

Peg pattern WigJig Delphi jewelry tool
Delphi Pattern

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