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To make matching earrings for the bracelet, it is better to make your Flemish Spiral wire component smaller.  Use the peg pattern shown below right to make the wire component.  Use a piece of 20 gauge wire 2 1/4 inches long.

Once you have completed making the small Flemish Spiral wire component, finishing these earrings requires an ear wire finding (we used our item 2660 post ear wire with ball and loop), a 1 1/2 inch head pin and a six mm bead. Open the loop in the ear wire finding and add one of the loops in the Flemish Spiral wire component, then close the loop in the finding.  Using a head pin and 6mm bead, make a bead dangle to hang from the other end of the spiral wire component.   

Flemish Spiral Earrings Jewelry Making Project made with WigJig beads and jewelry supplies.
Flemish Spiral Earrings
 Made with 6mm glass beads


As an alternative, you can wrap 24 gauge wire around the center of the Flemish Spiral as shown in the earrings above right.  To do this, cut a segment of 2 1/2 inches of 24 gauge wire (preferably half-hard wire) and make a "U" shaped bend about 3/4 inch from one end of this wire.  Open both the initial and final loop in the Flemish Spiral wire component.  Position this "U" shaped bend so that the bottom of the "U" is against the inside of one of open loops.  Squeeze the 24 gauge wire with your bent chain nose pliers so that the "U" shaped bend is tight against the loop.  Now wrap the wire around the Flemish Spiral as shown about three times, stopping to squeeze the wire with your pliers after each 1/2 loop.  Finish the loops with both ends of the 24 gauge wire on the same side of the wire component.  Cut the excess wire in the middle of the wire component and tuck in the ends using your bent chain nose pliers.  Pictures of this process can be viewed here.  This completes your earring. 

Peg Pattern for Flemish Spiral Earrings Jewelry Making Project

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