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Deluxe Triplex Bracelet

Triplex Jewelry Wire Bracelet Jewelry Making Project

This jewelry making project makes a bracelet out of our Triplex wire component.  In this bracelet, we use figure 8 connectors or wrapped figure 8 connectors to connect the wire components.  For beginners and advanced beginners, we recommend using figure 8 connectors and 18 gauge wire.  For intermediate wire workers we suggest that you consider wrapped figure 8 connectors and 16 gauge wire as we have in the bracelet shown.  The Triplex Wire Components for this bracelet are made on our WigJig Olympus or Olympus Lite using eight regular metal pegs.  The catch for the clasp is made using a 3/16" or 1/4" Super Peg for the Olympus.  Our free instructions Close up of Triplex Wire Component for making this bracelet begin below. 

Step A:  We begin by making seven of the Triplex Wire Components shown at right.  Begin by straightening a segment of 16 or 18 gauge wire seven inches long using your nylon jaw pliers. 

Step B:  Using your flush cutter, cut the segment of wire to a length of seven inches.  Do step A and B for a total of seven segments of wire. 

Step C:  Using your step jaw pliers, make a "P" loop in one end of your wire segment.  Make the "P" loop the size of the pegs for your WigJig Olympus using the second step on your Fine Step Jaw Pliers.  If you decide to use 16 gauge wire, please review our instructions for making a loop in 16 gauge wire by selecting here. 

Peg Pattern for Triplex Jewelry Wire Bracelet Jewelry Making ProjectStep D:  The peg pattern for this bracelet is shown at right.  Begin by making seven of the Triplex Wire Components.  Remember to start with just pegs 1 and 2, wrap the wire around peg 2 and then add peg 3 continuing one peg at a time until the component is finished.  When we made these components, we flipped the wire component over after every loop we made.  By doing this we make loops at the positions shown at right for pegs 2, 4 and 6.  Make seven of the Triplex wire components.  Select here for a template to make this pattern on the WigJig Olympus.  Select here for a template to make this pattern on the WigJig Centaur or Delphi.  If you choose to make the pattern on the Centaur or Delphi, we recommend using two packages of Crossover Pegs (Item 4028) so that the regular pegs will be the same size. 

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