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Alternative Designs Continued:V Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making Project

Step 23:  Now you are ready to assemble the earrings.  First, use three of your figure 8 connectors to connect the four large "V" shaped wire components in the center.  Connecting the centers is more difficult than connecting the sides, so connect the centers first.  After you've connected all three centers, then use six figure 8 connectors to connect the outside loops on the "V" shaped wire components.  When the large "V" shaped wire components are connected properly, then use two figure 8 connectors to connect the Small "V" shaped wire component to the middle loops on each side of the bottom Large "V" shaped wire component.  See the picture at right.  After you have completed the body of the earrings, by connecting all the V shaped wire components, then connect your ear wire finding to the top of the earring body. 

Step 24:  Finish these earrings by connecting bead dangles to three bottom loops in the earring body.  You can find our free instructions for making a bead dangle by selecting here.  For the bead dangles shown here, we used 8mm crystal bicone beads, 2mm round silver beads, and 2x4mm silver lined bugle beads.  When you have completed adding the three bead dangles, your earring is completed.  Now get ready for compliments. 

The final alternative design to consider is to expand any of the designs shown on page 14, 15 or 16 by adding a third tier to the earrings or for the design on page 17 adding a fourth tier to the earrings.  In order to accommodate a third tier, you will need to use the shorter yoke and few if any bugle beads as spacers. 

Hopefully, one of these shoulder duster designs will be just the right thing to complement your next evening out.  If someone asks where did you purchase those earrings, that will be a double compliment.  It means that your friend liked the earrings and that the earrings look so good that your friend assumed that they must have been made by a professional or a machine.  Good luck with your shoulder dusters! 

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