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Alternative Designs:

These alternative designs replace the chain in the Chandelier Earrings with a wire component made on on your WigJig.  These earrings are made from two wire components.  The first component is the V shaped wire component made on the WigJig Delphi.  The second component is the wire component that is used to connect the V shaped component to the ear wire finding. When combined these two wire components look like a shovel.  The second wire component, we will call the handle, since it is the handle portion of the shovel.  Instructions for making these components are provided below and in the following pages.  These directions are slightly abbreviated. 

Beaded Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making Project with Amethyst Swarovski Beads Beaded Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making Project with Lite Amethyst Swarovski Beads
The peg pattern for making the V shaped wire component is shown at right.  To make this component, cut and straighten a 2 3/4" piece of wire (preferably 1/2 hard).  Make a loop on one end of this wire.  Place your initial loop over peg 1.  Remove peg 3 from the jig and wrap your wire around peg 2.  Push the wire far enough so that it would rest against peg 3 if it were there.  Now replace peg 3 and remove pegs 4 and 5.  Wrap the wire around peg 3 so that it would rest against peg 4 if it were there.  Replace pegs 4 and 5.  Remove the wire from the jig and re-place it on the jig in the mirror image position, with the initial loop on peg 5, but with the loop formed on peg 3, still on peg 3.  Now remove peg 1 and make a loop around peg 2 with your wire.  Make sure to push the wire far enough that it would rest against peg 1 if it were there.  Finally, replace peg 1 and wrap the wire around this peg.  Cut the excess wire tail and you are done with the V shaped component.  Beaded Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making Project V Shaped Wire Component
V Shaped Wire Component

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Beaded Chandelier Earring Jewelry Making Project Pages:  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
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