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We have a lot of free information on our web site.  Below are some important links.  Any text in red is linking text. 
3,000+ Free web pages of Designs for Making Beaded Jewelry using Wire Jewelry Supplies in WigJig University! 
Make handmade jewelry with wire, beads & gemstones quickly, easily, inexpensively and with no soldering!

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Ear Wire

White Pearl Beads Necklace Jewelry Making KitJewelry Making Kits -- Select here to view our Jewelry Making Kits.  There is no easier way to make jewelry with wire, beads, gemstones and jewelry findings. 

We have kits with wire and beads, kits with gemstones and findings , kits with pearl beads and beadstringing kits with Soft Flex wire.  All are suitable for beginners to jewelry making and include free instructions from our web site. 

Getting Started:  Select here to view a web page that summarizes what a beginner needs to know to get started making jewelry with wire and beads!

Left Handed:  Please read this!

WigJig Jewelry Videos -- WigJig Video University of Handmade Jewelry Making with Wire, Beads and Gemstones.  Please select here to view our selection of instructional videos on making jewelry.

WigJig Jewelry Making Basics --  Select Here to View WigJig Basics Video

Jewelry Tools -- View our new WigJig brand tools for making jewelry by hand.  These jewelry tools are bargain priced with direct from the manufacturer pricing!

Free Instructions for making:
Beaded Earrings    Beaded Bracelets    Beaded Necklaces      Ring & Other

Select Here to View our Free Instructions for Making the Deluxe Duplex Beaded Bracelets
This is our favorite bracelet design!  The top bracelet uses 6mm Swarovski Crystal Pearl Beads.  The bottom bracelet uses 6mm Swarovski Sapphire bicone beads.

How to navigate our WigJig Jewelry Making web site:  1.  Text in red or white text on a red background is navigation text.  Select this text using your mouse and it will take you to a web page on that topic.  2.  Most pictures on our web site are linked to instructions on how to make that item.  Select the picture to visit our web pages of free, step-by-step instructions for making the pictured jewelry item. 

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Special Sale on Gemstone Earring Kits!  Less than $10 per pair.
Making More Bling Diamond CZ Earrings.  An Alternative to Beads! Select either picture to view our Gemstone Earring Kit! Making More Bling Earrings.  An alternative to beads!


More Bling for Less Cha-Ching®
by making your own jewelry!
CZ & Gemstone Jewelry Making Projects.  Please Select here.

If you can pick up a tooth pick you can make this jewelry.  Our free videos show you how!
Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Jewelry. Jewelry without Beads!Making Aquamarine Post Style Earrings Blue Spinel Jewelry Wire Bail Jewelry Making FindingJewelry Wire Bail FindingJewelry Wire Bail Jewelry Making Finding  
Making Low Wall Bezel Earrings.  Jewelry without Beads!

Are you tired of making jewelry with just wire and beads?  Try our man made gemstones and CZs!

Making Low Wall Bezel Earrings.   Made with Tanzanite CZs
Lever Back Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone sizes
 up to 6 carat
.  4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm sizes!

Pearl Beads in 4, 6 and 8mm sizes.

10 Minute Gemstone Jewelry Making 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads Earrings.

Select any picture to view our step-by-step instructions for making that jewelry item
with wire and beads

Eight Select Here to view eight 10 minute jewelry making projects so easy anyone can do them!
If you can pick up a toothpick,
you can make this jewelry!
Handmade Jewelry Wire Bail Jewelry Making Technique

Spiral Dangle Necklace.  Jewelry Made with Pearl BeadsSpiral Dangle Beaded Necklace Jewelry Making Design

Made with our WigJig Cyclops or Centaur

Search our Beads by WigJig Jewelry Making Web Site

View our favorite designs for making jewelry by hand. Select here to view a web page of our favorite designs for jewelry made with beads and jewelry wire along with links to jewelry making instructions.

Fish Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectSee our free instructions for making our Fish Earrings shown at right

Visit WigJig Video University!

Visit WigJig Jewelry Channel on You Tube.

View our new jewelry making kits.

Beginners to Making
Jewelry with Wire and Beads Start Here
Infinity Wire & Beads Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectQueen of Clubs Wire and Beads Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectSpiral Wire and Beads Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectSpiral Diamond Wire and Beads Earrings Jewelry Making Project
INTERNET STARTER KIT Make the above four pairs of earrings with cobalt blue beads and silver-plated wire for less than $60.  Includes all tools, beads and jewelry making supplies necessary to complete these 4 earrings.

Pearl Wire and Beads Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making Project Ear Cuff Earrings with Beads Jewelry Making Project Falling Raindrop Chandelier Earrings with Beads Jewelry Making Project using Sapphire BeadsChain, Jewelry Wire & Gemstones Earrings Jewelry Making Project

View generic information on how to begin a handmade jewelry making project with beads and wire.  This is excellent information for beginners in how to use wire and a jewelry making jig!

Deluxe Duplex Beaded Bracelet Jewelry Making Project with pearl beads

Double Spirals Bracelet Jewelry Making Project
Over 3000 Beads, Wire, Tools & Jewelry Supplies in the WigJig Store:  Jewelry wire, jewelry tools, many types of beads, findings, chains, thread, books on making jewelry, videos and other jewelry making supplies.
Making Tiffany Ring with 8mm Garnet.  Jewelry Made without beadsGold Jewelry Wire Ring with Pearl Beads


View Feedback from our Customers!

I just received my Olympus and I love it!  I just wished I would have gotten this sooner.  It is fabulous!  I have been making designs since I got it tonight.  I had to tell you what a wonderful surprise I had when I started playing around and discovered that it was more than I had anticipated.  If anyone is truly interested in making jewelry, the Olympus is a must to have.
Roselyn (October 2005)
I recently ordered the Centaur with the Spiral Maker and I love it.  I had one of those aluminum ones with the pegs that kept falling through the bottom every time I picked it up.  I must say that your jigs are much better quality.  I tried some of your patterns after getting my new jig and they were so much easier than the old metal jigs.  Thank you so much for all your free patterns and instructions.
Patti (November 2005)
Thank you!  I used my Centaur for the first time yesterday and I love it!  Thanks for a great product!  Right out of the gate I was able to make the Deluxe Duplex Bracelet.  It came out beautiful!  I am a beginner and was able to get very even links.  Now I see why I needed to have the WigJig rather than that plastic thingy found at Michaels.
Julie (March 2005)
I received my WigJig Olympus while I was away.  I just got done making several designs.  Oh my God!!  This is so easy and so much fun!!  I have a lot of ideas that I can now actually do and I am extremely happy.  Thanks once again for providing such awesome and outstanding quality products.
Cheryl (July 2004)
I recently bought my first WigJig jewelry making tools (I ordered the Olympus Lite and the Delphi) and I have to tell you how much I LOVE them!!  What a difference a quality jig makes.  Initially, I bought an inexpensive jig at a local craft store and was very unhappy with the results I was getting.  (Could I REALLY be that bad at wire work?)  So I ordered your products and the FIRST design I tried came out perfectly.  I just have to say thanks for inventing such a great product and keeping the prices reasonable. 
Mary (January 2005)
I am extremely pleased with the Olympus-Lite I purchased.  I make earrings mostly and it is perfect.  I have my earrings consigned at a beauty shop nearby.  I had the jig tackled in about a week working off free instructions from projects I printed from your site.  I looked at other jigs at the hobby and craft stores.  They were cheap plastic and couldn't even come close to the quality of your product.  I would recommend to anybody considering buying a jig to buy one of your products. 
Cindy (July 2004)
I love my WigJig Delphi and Spiral Maker.  When I show my jewelry, the items made on my WigJig always sell first, then I run out and have to take orders.  The WigJig Delphi has encouraged me to create some of my own patterns as well, the ideas are endless.  Thanks for your products and especially your ideas and newsletter.
Karen (July 2005)
Making Wire Ring
I recently decided to learn how to make jewelry so that I could have unique and special gifts to give to friends and family.  I purchased a WigJig Delphi because I had read the rave reviews about them.  The results that I got from the WigJig are spectacular!  I took a couple of my first pieces to some friends at school just to get a second opinion on my skills and now I am taking orders! 

I also purchased another vendors jig from a local craft store.   I tried to use the other jig, but it was futile, as the designs looked horrible.  (That jig will be going back to the store!) 

Thank you for the great product and website.  Keep up the good work!!!!
Wendy (December 2006)

I ordered this set (10mm Round Emerald CZ item 3253), with a six prong sliver earring setting to go with it, and it took less than a minute to set both stones.  Then less than a minute to tighten them into their settings with a bent nose pliers.  I received them right around Christmas time and was so pleased with them that I wore them for a week straight and everywhere I went.  I got ooo's and ahhh's and "Boy Santa was sure good to you!!!!"  One lady even had the nerve to ask how much they cost and I just looked her right in the eye and smiled real big!!!!  These earrings are gorgeous.  They do need to be worn with the wider clutch back, rather than the small butterfly, though, for better support, otherwise they will droop on your ear lobe.  I am a jeweler's daughter and these pass VERY well for excellent emeralds, all the color and fire and depth you buy an emerald for.  I know where to buy my emeralds now.  Thanks, Gary
Angel (January 2007)
I absolutely Love MY new wigjig and tools!  I had originally purchased them for my granddaughters for Christmas; however, upon receiving my shipment ..........I couldn't help but want to try them out myself.  I'm hooked!  I must say, 'kudos' to you for your outstanding website!!  If I hadn't accidentally found your website online, and realized what a fantastic teaching tool it was.......I would never have gotten interested in, or even considered making jewelry!  The web site alone, is the best one I've ever seen on almost any subject.  Both my granddaughters (6 and 10 yrs. old) were so excited about learning to make jewelry.  We're all having so much fun!  Thanks to you, and your Outstanding website!!
Ruth (January 2007)

Editors note:  We tried to recreate Ruth's comments as faithfully as we could using the same colors as we received from Ruth.  We think she likes us. 

the Simple Jewelry Wire Ring Visit our newest feature: "From the Jeweler's Bench -- Writings from professional jewelers"

If you are selling our WigJig jewelry making tools and accessories in your store, please visit this web page to view our Beadstore support tools.

Our goal with this web site is to introduce people of all skill levels to making jewelry and other decorations using jewelry wire, beads and jewelry supplies with no soldering required.  Please visit WigJig University to see our free wire and beads jewelry making projects, tips, techniques and an encyclopedia of facts about beads and jewelry components.  We try to include both beginners and intermediate jewelry making projects and to clearly indicate which are which.  Our hope it that you will be able to find all the information and jewelry supplies that you would need to begin making jewelry using our designs whether for sale or for your personal use. 

Please also consider our WigJig jewelry supplies store for purchase of your beads, jewelry wire, jewelry findings and other supplies for making all types of jewelry. 

Vendors who are interested in selling our WigJig jewelry making tools please send us an e-mail.

Gary Helwig

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