Getting Started Making Jewelry with Wire, Beads and Jewelry Making Findings

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In our web site we provide a lot of information on how to make jewelry with wire and beads.  In some people's opinion, we provide too much information and it becomes difficult to find a place to start.  In this web page, we will simply try to provide information on where and how to get started making jewelry with wire and beads. 

There are a lot of things to learn when you are beginning a new hobby.  Getting started making jewelry with wire and beads, you will need to know what tools are required, what supplies are required, what skills do you need to know and where can you find training.  We obviously can't provide answers to every possible question in one web page.  What we can provide is links to web pages with information on each necessary topic.  In the following paragraphs we will try to point the beginner to the right place to find the answers necessary to get started WigJig Jewelry Making Basics Videomaking jewelry with wire and beads.

First, you can get an overview of how to make jewelry with wire and beads by watching the WigJig Basics You Tube jewelry making video here.  This video is our best information on how to make jewelry.  It shows the tools used, and how those tools are used.  We strongly recommend that anyone who wants to make jewelry with wire and beads, watch this video at least once.  If you want to find this video on You Tube, search for the "WigJig Basics" video. 

Jewelry Making ToolsSecond, most people need to know what tools they require.  Here are five links that have very good information on what tools you will need:

  1. Jewelry making tools video on You Tube.
  2. Jewelry making tools web page in the WigJig Web Site. 
  3. Summary web page of the jewelry tools required. 
  4. You Tube video on our WigJig Jewelry Making Tools and accessories. 

After viewing the information on the above web pages links, you can view our selection of tools with links to these tools in our WigJig Store in the following two web pages:

Jewelry Making SuppliesThird, everyone will need to understand the jewelry making supplies required to make jewelry.  Jewelry supplies will include all the raw materials necessary to make jewelry, including wire, beads and jewelry making findings.  For most beginners, we recommend that you start with 20 gauge wire.  20 gauge wire is not perfect for every application, but it is the easiest wire to use while learning the techniques required.  The following are some links with great information on the necessary jewelry supplies.

Jewelry Making SkillsFourth, everyone will need to learn where to learn how to perform the skills required to make jewelry with wire and beads.  Most of the skills can be found on one of the following web pages:

Wire Design Basics Online BookIn the above links we have listed a tremendous amount of free information on getting started making jewelry with wire and beads.  For most people the above information will be sufficient.  For some people, they will want more information.  The following links will include links to online books or videos that are for sale and an additional link to hardcopy books on making jewelry with wire and beads. 

Money EarringsIf you have reviewed all of the above information, you should be ready to make some jewelry.  Now all you have to do is select your jewelry making project and follow our free instructions to make that project.  Our WigJig web site has over 3,000 free web pages of information on making jewelry.  This can sometimes make it difficult to select a jewelry making project.  The following links will provide easy ways to find a suitable jewelry making project.


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