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Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Project

Jewelry Wire and Gemstone Earrings

Pearl Beads Earrings with Lever Back Jewelry Making Finding

150 Jewelry Wire and Beaded Earrings Jewelry Making Project

Jewelry Wire Wrapped Chain beaded Earrings

Square Knot Jewelry Wire and Gemstone Earrings Jewelry Making Project

Beaded Jewelry Wire Heart Shapped Earrings with Garnet Bead

2 Stone Gemstone and Sterling Silver Wire Earrings

Ruby Gemstone Earrings with the Round Bezel Setting

Circles Jewelry Wire and Beads Earrings

Beaded Inverted V Ear Wire Jewelry Making Instructions

Fun Jewelry Wire Earrings with Beads

3 Tier Jewelry Wire & Beads Earrings Made with Swarovski Aqua Bicones

Cubic Zirconia Gemstone Snap Fit Earrings Jewelry Making Project

30 Degree Spiral Jewelry Wire & Beads Earrings

Pearl Earrings Jewelry Making Project

Semi-precious gemstone beads

Lampwork Glass Beads

Swarovski Glass Crystal Square Beads

Sterling Silver Metal Beads

Bali-Style Metal Beads

Swarovski Glass Crystal Bicone Beads

Paula Radke Dichroic Glass Beads

Tiger Eye Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads

For those who are new to making jewelry with beads, please see our Beadstringing kit.

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Fire Polished Glass Beads
Round 4mm
Round 6mm
Round 8mm

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  Fire Polished Glass Beads

Glass Seed-Bugle Beads
  Size 6/0 Seed Beads
Size 8/0 Seed Beads
Size 11/0 Seed Beads
2X4mm Bugle Beads
2X7mm Bugle Beads

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  Seed Beads

Pressed Glass Beads
  Bicone Pressed Glass
Disc Pressed Glass 
Flower Pressed Glass  
Pressed Glass Leaves
Oval 4X6mm Glass Beads
Oval 5X7mm Glass Beads 
Oval 7X9mm Glass Beads 
Oval 9X16mm Glass Beads 
Rectangle Pressed Glass 
Rondelle 4mm Glass 
Rondelle 6mm Glass 
Rondelle 8mm Glass
Round 4mm Glass Beads 
Round 6mm Glass Beads 
Round 8mm Glass Beads 
Star- Scarab Glass Beads 
Teardrop Pressed Glass 
Triangle Glass Beads 
Tube 4X6mm Glass 
Tube 7X7mm Glass 
Tube 4X10mm Glass 
Tube 4X14mm Glass
Window Glass Beads  

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  Pressed Glass Beads

Lampwork Glass Beads
  Diamond Lamp Bead
Oval Lampwork Bead
Rondelle Lampwork Bead
Round 6mm Lampwork Bead
Round 8mm Lampwork Bead
Round 10mm Lamp Bead
Round 12mm Lamp Bead
Round 16mm Lamp Bead
Teardrop Lampwork Bead
Tube Lampwork Bead

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  Lamp Work Beads

Swarovski Austrian Crystal Beads
  Bicone 4mm Glass Crystal Beads
Bicone 6mm Glass Crystal Beads
  Round 4mm Glass Crystal Beads
Round 6mm Glass Crystal Beads
Round 8mm Glass Crystal Beads
  Square 6mm Glass Crystal Beads 
  Crystal Pearls 
  Crystal Cross 

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  Swarovski Glass Crystal Beads

Glass Bead Mixes
  Pressed Glass Bead Mix 
Mixed Bead Slices

Glass Pony Beads
  6mm Pony Beads
  9mm Pony Beads

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  Pony Beads

Stick-on Glass Beads
Treasure Beadz
Micro Beedz

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  Stick On Beads


  Freshwater Pearls
All Pearl Beads

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  Pearls, Birthstone for June

  Bicone Gemstone Beads
Gemstone Chips
Oval Gemstone beads
Rondelle Gemstones
Round 4mm Gemstones
Round 6mm Gemstones
Round 8mm Gemstones

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  Gemstones Beads

Metal Beads
  Base Metal 
  Sterling Silver

End Caps

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  Metal Beads


Bali-Style/Metal Beads
    Bead Caps
Miscellaneous Bali-Beads
Bicone Bali-Beads
Rect-Square Bali-Beads
Oval - Barrel Bali-Beads
Pipe Bali-Beads
Round Bali-Beads 
Rondelle Bali-Beads
Tube - Drum Bali-Beads
Base Metal Beads 
Gold-Filled Beads
Magnetic Beads
Sterling Silver Beads

 End Caps
    Premium Bali Beads

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Specialty Beads

  Cats Eye Glass Beads
Cloisonne Beads
Magnetic Beads

  Wooden Beads
  Rainbow AB Beads

Dichroic Glass Beads

  Round 7mm Dichroic Glass Bead
  Round 9mm Dichroic Glass Bead
  6x7mm Cylinder Bead
  6x10mm Tube Bead
  Striped 9x15mm Bead

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  Dichroic Beads

Swarovski Glass Crystal Bicone

Cat's Eye Glass

Paula Radke Dichroic Glass

Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Swarovski 25 Faceted Glass Crystal Round

Lampwork Glass

Swarovski Glass Crystal Bicone

Paula Radke Dichroic Glass

More Bling for less Cha-Ching Man Made Gemstone and Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Stones and Findings.

WigJig Beadology -- Information on Beading

Fire polished beads are defined as faceted, cut glass beads that are polished by heating.  This is a more expensive process for polishing than making a pressed glass bead, but it is a less expensive process than the polishing done on the finest quality Austrian glass bead and on all gemstones. 

Seed beads are smaller, less expensive beads made of glass.  They are generally shaped like a very small donut and can be as small as 1/16" thick to as large as about 1/6" thick. 

Bugle Beads are smaller beads made of cylindrical tubes of glass.  A bugle bead is are about 2mm in diameter with a 1 mm hole in the center of the bead.  Bugle beads can be as short as 4mm long, or it can be 7mm long or even longer.  Bugle beads are frequently used a spacers, between larger beads. 

Pressed glass beads are made in the same manner as a milk bottle.  Hot glass is forced into a mold to make the bead.  This is a less expensive manufacturing process and pressed glass beads are normally rather inexpensive.

Lampwork glass beads are hand made beads, normally made on a rod or mandrel,  For this reason, lampwork glass beads tend to have larger holes.  Since they are hand made, each lampwork glass bead is unique, although they may be made commercially to look very similar.  Making lampwork glass beads involves melting, shaping and combining colored glass into the shape of the beads. 

Swarovski Austrian Crystal Beads are made by the premier manufacturer of cut glass crystal beads.  Their beads are know for their uniformity in color and shape, for the crisp edges of the faceted beads, and for the vibrant colors. 

Pony Beads are made of glass or plastic with larger holes in them, originally intended to be worn in the hair.

Stick-on glass beads are small spheres of glass, without holes and are made to be glued or fixed on objects using double sided tape.

Pearls are made by marine mollusks like clams and oysters.  There are also many commercially manufactured pearl beads, made by applying a pearl like coating to glass beads.

Gemstone beads are made from naturally occurring minerals or gemstones like onyx, amethyst, and many, many other naturally occurring gemstones and minerals. 

Metal beads are made out of metal.  Generally, silver, gold-filled and silver-tone metals are used.

Bali Beads are generally a form of partially tarnished, partially polished sterling silver bead initially made on the Indonesian Island of Bali.  Bali Beads may represent an everyday item like a snake, a drum, and a coil of rope.  Because of the expense of sterling silver, many Bali-style beads are now made out of a silver-one metal.  These beads are now made in many countries in addition to Indonesia including South Korea and India.

Dichroic glass beads are made with two or more colors of glass.  The colors are highly reflective making these beads very dramatic in appearance. 

Stringing beads was initially done on silk thread because in ancient times silk was the strongest material by weight.  Because glass and gemstone beads are relatively hard by comparison with silk, the silk thread was knotted between each bead.  The reason for the knots was that over time, even softer materials like pearls, will saw through silk thread causing the thread to break.  When the silk thread was knotted and broke, only one bead would fall off the necklace because the remaining knots held all the other beads in place.  There are now many natural and artificial materials used to thread beads into necklaces and bracelets.  The fabric materials like nylon, cotton, silk, and other beading threads are all still vulnerable to being broken by prolonged wear.  The newest technology in beading thread is the stranded stainless steel metal wire used for beading.  Our favorite vendor for this flexible wire is the Soft Flex Company, but there are several other vendors who make similar stranded beading wire.  The advantage to the stranded beading wire is that it is much less likely to break due to wear.  A secondary advantage is that because the wire won't break, the user won't need to tie a knot between each bead in the necklace.  This saves a lot of time in making a necklace.  Please select here to view our free instructions in how to make a necklace using beadstringing wire.

Double Spirals Jewelry Wire & Beads Bracelet Jewelry Making Project

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Birthstones in Crystal

Sizes of Beads

Shapes of Beads

Seed Beads per Inch

Beads Per Inch

Leverback Gemstone Earrings

Oval Links Earrings Wire & Beads Jewelry Making Project

Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings with 1/2 Drilled Pearls

150 Jewelry Wire and Beads Earrings Made with Pearls

Long Jewelry Wire Wrapped Chain Earrings with Lamp Work Bead

Square Knot Jewelry Wire and Beads Earrings with Dichroic Glass Bead

Round Chandelier Jewelry Wire Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Beads

Circles Jewelry Wire Earrings with Crystal AB Beads

Ruby Lever Back Snap Fit Gemstone Earrings

4 Leaf Clover Jewelry Wire and Beads Earrings Jewelry Making Project

Falling Raindrop Jewelry Wire and Bead Earrings Jewelry Making Project

Beaded Money Earrings Jewelry Making Project

Amethyst Gemstone Snap Fit Earrings

Chandelier Earrings with Pearl Beads Jewelry Making Project

Sword Cloisonne Beads & Jewelry Wire Earrings

Pearl Earrings Jewelry Making Project


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